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Transcript: 3 Steps to Having Your Best Launch Ever, Without All The Stress

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Intro: If you find launching your course or membership the most stressful thing in the world, then I’m going to show you how you can make it way more fun, and in doing that you up your energy and you can have the best launch you’ve ever had.

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Rachael: Hands up who’s ever found launching stressful, overwhelming and it just leads to burnout?

Yep, me too, quite often, especially when we’re just starting out we’re launching on our own and this means we have nobody to bounce ideas off, no one to talk things through when it gets stressful and no one to top up our energy.

Because when your launch mode you are giving, giving, giving to your community and if you’re not topping the energy up then it’s really difficult for you to be able to deliver your course or your membership once the launch is over.

You get launch fatigue, you get that launch hangover.

So I want to show you the three steps that I’ve learned from being behind the scenes on multiple seven figure launches and behind the scenes of my own launches which are not seven figures yet!

But doing it all by myself has made me learn how to do things and how not to do things and then obviously when I used to run client launches I’ve seen behind the scenes of these massive campaigns these massive launches and I see what works and I see what doesn’t work and that’s the aim of this podcast is to show you behind the scenes of what really goes on and I want us to start to work together you know we don’t have to be comparing ourselves to other people.

One of my members in my membership this week said “I’ve seen someone doing the same thing as me but cheaper what do I do?” and I said ignore it! Stay in your lane, stay focused on what your mission is and the best thing to do if you see things like that and it triggers you is number one, have a think about why is it triggering you.

Is it because you don’t feel worthy or you have some other issues coming up or is it just that you just still are in that comparisonitis competition mode that we’ve been brought up to compete against each other but my friends that is not how we roll in this podcast Collaboration over Competition always.

So I’m gonna show you how you can collaborate on your launches to make it the least stress possible for you. Where you do it with friends and you have so much fun.

Okay let’s dive into step one, step one is all about making those connections and launching with your friends.

What better way to make launching so much fun and less stressful than to do it with your friends!

I recommend right now you think of your top 5 business friends that you wouldn’t mind promoting their products too, their courses, their memberships, their message, their vision is super aligned with what you want to achieve in life.

I want you to have a little think and jot down five people that you feel super aligned with.

Once you’ve got those people I want you to reach out to them, I want you to just suggest, the best thing when you’re going to launch or do anything is the start off with “I’m thinking of…” and you’ll soon realize if this is something they’re interested in or something that they push back on.

Think of those five people reach out to them the best way to do that is over a video call don’t just text them don’t just message them just say “hey, I want to catch up see what you’re up to and how we can work together”

People are going to be really open to that, so the first thing to do is to just reach out to people and find those people who are your true fans, your true friends.

Reach out to people who are in your courses and memberships already and who are championing you.

People who are getting amazing results from what you deliver, and that should be the core of all of your training should be to get people results. But those people that get the best results will be the best people to promote what you offer.

Have a think of five friends that you want to collaborate with and five clients or students that you want to collaborate with and reach out to them.

Start small, start building those relationships, and don’t be “right we’re gonna launch next week” it doesn’t work like that and if you listen to episode one from last week with Stu McClaren we spoke about how it’s a long-term thing and that’s what we want no one wants a one-night stand relationships right? No one wants that in the long term! We want to build fulfilling relationships. We want to build those deep everlasting relationships where you have that trust because ultimately not only are they going to be sharing what you have with their audience. But it works great if you share their offering with your audience too. So you’re trusting them with your audience which you’ve built up over the years. You’ve built trust with your audience and you only want to share things with them that feel truly aligned with you because whoever your friend is that you’re sharing is going to be an extension of you and your brand and your business.
Think about these relationships very carefully.

Now I’m gonna give you some tips to do some fun things together to help you promote each other.

Number one is to do an Instagram story takeover, so this is a really fun light-hearted way to really build the relationship because if you imagine with your audience you had to build that know, like and trust and if you’re just introducing some random person to them they don’t know them they might not even like them and they definitely don’t trust them.

When you’re starting out with introducing that person to your business and to your audience the first thing you need to do is introduce them.

Get them to do an Instagram story take over and get them to do a day in the life of, or get them to show your audience what they do in a day behind the scenes, showing their family, showing their pets, you know, showing some client things.

It’s all about building that connection and that connection is so important in this step-by-step approach that you’re gonna do to introduce them to your audience and likewise hop on their Instagram stories ask questions of their audience give them value and just really get to know their audience some people in the industry do this so well and I’ve been behind the scenes of a lot of big brand launches and it’s not just “okay it’s lunchtime let’s promote their course” no, no, they promote each other all year round.

The second thing I want to do once you’ve built that know, like and trust factor and they’re getting to know the person that you’re wanting to promote and also you know this is for when people are promoting you as well right.

I want you to think about what kind of masterclasses you could offer their audience, hop on a Facebook live together and just chat about random stuff, talk about your day like this initial stage is all about connection so you don’t want to go straight into the deep end of training when they don’t know who you are

Just do some fun light-hearted Facebook lives together speaking about a subject that you’re both passionate about and the third thing is to do an email list swap so this means that they’re going to promote you to their lists and you promote them to your list and this can be some training they are offering, it can be a freebie, it can be anything, like a blog post that they’ve written or a podcast episode.

You’re just sharing each other’s awesomeness, which I’m sure if you have biz besties then you’re already doing this. I know for sure I’m always sharing people’s podcasts. I’m always sharing the cool stuff that my friends are up.

Step one is go out there and find a list of five friends and five clients that you want to do this collaboration with.

Step two is to find some fun ways that you can work together, Instagram story takeovers, Facebook lives together or maybe even an email list swap if you feel like that is aligned with what you’re offering.

This is my steps to showing you how you can collaborate and work better together.

Step three is how could you make the relationship official, it’s like dating isn’t it, you need to take them out for a drink first and you need to build that relationship. But if you’ve already got that relationship hop on and do some marketing and then step three is all about how you can seal the deal how can you make your relationship official. Do you promote them on your website as a long-term thing you can do and this is something I’m going to talk about in the upcoming weeks is create an affiliate program.

This can be an official affiliate for a program where they promote you or your course or your membership and in exchange they get commission.

I’m going to talk about that in more detail, how you can set up your affiliate program, your partner program, your joint venture program. But right now it’s that mutual appreciation.

You’re doing something for them and they’re doing something for you and how you can work together and collaborate.

This is my mission! I want to make it that, especially women, because I was brought up as four girls, my mum was super competitive so I’ve been competing against other women and other people my whole life and it’s only been recently that I just thought this is ridiculous.

Then learning more about the law of attraction and that there’s enough to go around there’s abundance for everybody.

This kind of messaging is just so important that we get out to not only their female entrepreneurs in the business world but also to young girls to learn to teach them that they don’t have to compete against each other they can support each other and thrive and grow and sometimes I still get triggered and that’s okay if you feel the same way too if sometimes you’re putting yourself out there and you see someone that’s doing similar or doing better and you get frustrated.

Use it to learn more about yourself and also, flip it on its head, I want to be there, how can you use that to drive you forwards and how can you use that to motivate you and at the end of the day if people are triggering you too much and you’re comparing yourself to people and you’re beating yourself up “it’s not fair, why am I not that far ahead, why am I not doing what they’re doing “ and you’re getting mad and you’re being negative then again law of attraction say to distract yourself. Stop thinking about it. The best thing you can do is stop following people. You don’t have to unfriend them or unfollow them on Instagram. But you can mute them and you can unfollow them on Instagram so you just don’t see them for a while.

Then you’ll think it’ll just be so funny because a year’s time you will be thinking “oh I wonder what that person” is up to and you’ll go and have a look and you’ll be like “oh that’s amazing I’m so happy for them” and you will no longer be triggered by them anymore because you’ll have grown past that.

It’s such an important message that I really want to get out there and something that I really want to help people work together and collaborate and I don’t want to talk about these uncertain times because everyone’s sick of hearing but right but this is the time when we need to start working together more.

How can we help each other, how can we support each other and how can we promote each other.

My three steps that I talked about today will really help you to take action on those ideas that you have.

Step one is find five friends and five clients who you can build those relationships with.

Step two do some fun things together, Instagram story takeovers, Facebook lives, swap emails and then step three is to make it official and have an official affiliate program where they make commission for sharing your courses and your memberships.

That’s it for today the next episode I’m gonna have the legendary Shaa Wasmund with me so if you have any questions do email me at info@rachaelowen.com and I shall try and fit in as many questions as I can with her.

We’re gonna be talking all about how she uses collaboration to build those massive launches that she has and the only person she promotes his Stu McLaren and she was top of the leaderboard for the tribe launch this year so I want to pick her brain on how she did that and then also how she builds those relationships. She had Lewis Howes come and do a master class in London last year and she has some of the most amazing influential friends so I’m gonna pick her brain about that.

So tune in next week to listen to my episode with Shaa.

For now I want you to go and do those things, build relationships and come and join the Digital Marketing Tribe Facebook group and come and tell me what you’ve been up to and let me know about the beautiful relationships than you’ve been crafting

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