Hands up who’s ever found launching stressful, overwhelming and you finish feeling super burnt out?

Yep, me too, quite often, especially when you’re just starting out and launching on your own, which means you have nobody to bounce ideas off, no one to talk things through when it gets stressful and no one to top up your energy.

When your launch mode you are giving, giving, giving to your community, and if you’re not topping the energy up then it’s really difficult for you to be able to deliver your course or your membership once the launch is over.

You get launch fatigue, you get a launch hangover.

So I want to show you the three steps that I’ve learned from being behind the scenes on big launches to make launches more fun!!

Step 1 – Launch with friends! Building relationships and having your “biz besties” promote your launch too makes it all the more fun!

Step 2 – Collaborate, create fun marketing, where you introduce your friend or client to your audience and they introduce you to there’s.

Step 3 – Make it official. Build out an official affiliate program where your affiliate gain commission from promoting your products.

Here’s what I talk about in this episode…


  • [1:54] One of my members asked “I’ve seen someone doing the same thing as me but cheaper what do I do?” my advice is to ignore it! Stay in your lane, stay focused on what your mission
  • [3:03] We’re to start with collaborating, find 5 biz besties and 5 clients, and reach out to them about collaborating.
  • [6:02] I recommend you do an Instagram story takeover, so this is a really fun light-hearted way to really introduce you to each other’s audiences.
  • [7:50] I want you to think about what kind of masterclasses you could offer their audience and hop on a Facebook live together.
  • [11:55] If people on social media are triggering you stop following them.
  • [12.47] A really important message that I want to get out there is that I want to help people work together and collaborate

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