On today’s episode I speak to Tory Offord. Who is an awesome confidence coach.

She coaches women to find clarity and courage, in particular clarity in figuring out what they want, what direction to go in and how to get there and to find their own self worth in the image of themselves, their body & their mind.

Now, our conversation was super fun and I connected with Tory by commenting on a post that she did that said “community over competition” and obviously you know that message resonated deep with me! So we talked about all things supporting women and how in the corporate workplace there is a very different environment, a competitive environment, jealousy and how in the online world, in particular we talked about online coaches are just so supportive of each other.

She gives us a few tips and tricks as to how we can collaborate with each other and it’s an awesome conversation. I can’t wait to dive in and share our conversation with you.

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