On today’s episode I speak to Veronica Mezzetti, Mindset Coach.  We covered a whole host of topics in this episode from the need for external validation to Veronica’s favourite meal.

3:58 – Why just knowing how to do something isn’t enough if you don’t have the right mindset to follow though.

4:28 – How fear of failure creeps in when you start putting yourself out there.

Veronicas tips:

  1. Get clear on what it is you are afraid of
  2. What do you believe that leads you to this fear?

5:40 – External validation in the workplace vs having your own business.

6:33 – How we hold ourselves back with “I want to do x.. BUT” and “I can’d do x UNTIL.”

8:30 – The majority of our beliefs we have inherited. What are these beliefs and which of these did I choose?

14:00 – How we give ourselves identities. And the conflict when we have 2 different “parts”. Part of me wants to do “x” but another part of me wants to do “y”.

19:56 – Money shame and how people don’t talk about money especially not how much you make.

Veronicas tips:

  1. Be intentional and consciously get to know yourself.

23:46 – Are you incentivised by the pleasure of achieving your goals or moving away from the pain of being where you are?

32:00 – What you focus on you attract more of.

38:00 – Keeping it real on social media and how we can help support others by sharing what’s really going on in our lives and business rather than the airbrushed version.

40:35 – What Veronica’s day looks like.

About Veronica
Veronica helps ordinary people build extraordinary businesses, by mastering their mindset. It’s her belief that a confident and constructive mindset is the key to building a better business. Many people can have all the right resources, skills and business concepts to become an amazing entrepreneur, but dealing with self-doubt, overwhelm or lack of direction can be enough to break a business before its even up and running. Her coaching services are designed to help her clients manage their mindsets to truly believe in themselves, understand their strengths and limiting beliefs, and grow in confidence to develop a solution-focused, action-oriented approach to running a business.

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