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3 Ways Journaling Can Grow Your Business

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It’s often said that you can journal or you can’t. It’s not for everyone. This can keep you from trying it and from gaining a deeper insight into yourself and your journey.

Granted if you aren’t a “writer” it will feel uncomfortable at first. The goal of journaling is to take your thoughts down and learn to recognise patterns and habits that you want to change.

As a business owner with a service-based business, how you show up and work on yourself has a big impact on how others perceive and gain results from interacting with you. Journaling can be a great way to see where you are in your journey and where you want to go. I’m going to share 3 ways to journal for your business.

Journaling to record your journey

This is the most popular form, it is simply writing down the events in your life and business each day. It is usually done at the end of the day and a tool to see one’s growth and change over a long period of time.

Journaling to grow

Journaling can be used for specific areas, such as mindset, your message, your passion and connection to your business. For each of these situations, you may use guided prompts or questions to help you get to the root of issues keeping you from stepping up in one area. You may journal several times a day when confronted by a change in your thoughts or patterns. You may journal once a week.

Journaling to heal

This may be the most challenging of the range as it asks you to get honest with yourself and go back to what may have been some pretty scary times in your life. In a sense, you relive them and come to terms with the decisions you made, what decisions others made and finally forgive them or yourself. You may be working alone or alongside a coach or mentor to help you fully embrace this and walk away with the lessons you need and the tools to move forward and share your journey with others.

Whatever journaling you will do for your business, start small and build it up. Add journaling to a routine you already have to it feels like a continuation rather than a whole new task and limits the “busy” feeling in your day. Give yourself space to adjust and understand emotions as they present themselves.

Make journaling a part of your growth and it will allow you to express a greater vision for your life and business!

I’m Rachael Owen.

Does the thought of marketing over whelm you? Does its feel really icky? Do you feel like you spend all your day trying to figure out what you should be doing?

It doesn’t need to be that way! You really can make an impact in the world doing work that feeds your soul whilst also making a 6 figure income.

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With over 15 years marketing experience as a marketing strategist, I’ve worked with global brands including Red Bull, Disney, British Airways, Bacardi…. I now utilise the strategies these big players use to help entrepreneurs and influencers get big results.

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