Pregnancy Must Haves

My opinion is that you don’t “NEED” anything extra or to spend a lot of money to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

BUT there are a few things that can make the journey smoother and less uncomfortable, especially towards the end.

The first trimester is when your hormones change the most and it can be a rollercoaster of tiredness, excitement and anxiety.

The second trimester is when you start to feel more like yourself and have a sudden burst of energy

Remember that this is your journey and yours alone. Everyone and every “body” is different. The best thing you can do for you and your baby is to learn to listen to your body and your inner guidance and do what feels good for you. 


  1. Prenatal vitamins – Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal In my first pregnancy I don’t remember taking any prenatal vitamins but I thought this time I wanted to make sure that not only was the baby getting everything it needed but also I was topping up my own stores. With the first trimester being in winter as well, us not getting outdoors as much and getting that super important vitamin D.
    When I was looking at a prenatal supplement I wanted something that was organic and made from food rather than synthetic sources. I had seen a lot of vitamins and supplements in high street stores but they are packed with chemicals and synthetic vitamins that are difficult for our bodies to digest and use “you are what you can digest!”
    After looking at a few great organic supplements I decided on the Garden of Life Raw Prenatal. The fact that everything is raw and organically grown was everything I needed to know!
    I have not been so great at taking the 3 capsules a day every day but knowing baby and I are getting a whole spectrum of nutrients is amazing.
  2. Barre Blend
  3. Creating Healthy Children
  4. Beyond the Sling
  5. Pregnancy Pillow
  6. Support
  7. Birthing From Within
  8. Getting Creative
  9. Massages