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I can't wait to support you through TRIBE 2020

So.... how does it work? Why should you sign up with me as your cheerleader?

I have created some essential bonuses based on feedback from my fellow Tribers. These bonuses are not just "nice to haves" or yet another course or program for you to complete on top of doing the TRIBE course.

Oh no, my bonuses are to help you TAKE ACTION on what you learn and move the needle forward on creating your membership.

How many courses have you bought and never completed?

Or maybe you got overwhelmed and had lots of questions you daren't ask in a big fb group.

Well I GOT YOU! I am committed to supporting you for the FULL 9 weeks! I've cleared my diary to 100% commit to you.

BUT here is the catch you must remember to purchase TRIBE through my affiliate link!

So just what exactly do you get support with when you sign up to TRIBE with me as your cheerleader?

Fast Action BONUS 1 (worth £497)

A 1-2-1 call with me to set you off on the right track

For the first 10 people

Before you dive into all the awesome content Stu provides, I think it's a great opportunity to set some intentions and decide what you want to get out of the course.

  • Where do you want to be?
  • What goals do you want to smash?
  • Who do you want to be after the course?
  • What will your business look like?

We will spend an hour on Zoom looking through your current business model and analysing where you are at, then look at where a membership fits into your model, or if you have an established model, how your focus needs to shift for your membership to thrive.

These 1-hour strategy sessions are my absolute favourite thing to do as they help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to get started with the course.

TRIBEr Danielle Lloyd and I. We actually organised to do our 1-2-1 session in Canada last year at the TRIBE live event!

Working with Rachael is amazing and I got so much clarity and focus which is what I needed. She has inspired me and I feel so excited about the things that I am putting out there into the world. I would highly recommend her! Thank you, Rachael, for supporting and believing in me! ?
Laura Jane

Personal Stylist

Why this bonus?

Personal assessment of your current business
Set goals for your membership
Have a clear strategy for your membership
1-2-1 support from a certified marketing strategist

BONUS 2 (worth £788)

Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls

I have had access to the course schedule and identified 4 key times when you will need a little hand to move forward.

Zoom calls are a great way to chat over ideas in a smaller group, ask questions, and get support from an intimate group of people going through exactly what you are at the same time!

Having a big Facebook group for support is epic and the knowledge of the TRIBER's who have established memberships is invaluable, but sometimes the big group environment is a little overwhelming, so I found last year having these smaller Zoom sessions really helped people take action, ask questions and move forward with their memberships.

Rachel is a gem! She is 100% committed to the success of her clients and makes someone like me (a total digital marketing beginner) feel at ease, capable and supported! Highly recommend working with her 

Tamar Tami Sasson

Mystical Empowerment Coach

Why this bonus?

A small intimate group to ask questions
Chat through ideas and get a sense check! (we all need that right)
Build your confidence knowing your group through the journey with others
Support from people who already have established memberships

BONUS  3 (worth £527)

Success Path Creation - Half Day Workshop

This is where most people get stuck. Having been in the TRIBE course group for the last 2 years and mentored people through the course last year, this was the place people abandon ship and give up.

I don't want you to be one of those people! 

So, I have set aside a half-day workshop for you to "get it done".

We will have guest experts, membership owners to give us their insight and actionable items to help you complete your success path.

I won't let you leave our workship until you have it done!!!


Rachael not only knows her stuff, but she also cares about the success of her clients. She goes above and beyond to get results.

Tamar Hermes

Chief Wealth Warrior Woman , Tamar Hermes International

Why this bonus?

Set up the foundations of your membership from the start
Stop you getting blocked and not moving on with the course
Let's do this "together" I love these sessions where we all create things together
A success path helps your members get clarity and makes them want to stay!

BONUS  4...... Surprise!

A private session with Stu McLaren!

You don't know if you don't ask...

So, I went out on a limb for you and asked Stu last week if he would run a special closed session if you sign up to TRIBE with me.......and he said yes!!!!!

Can you imagine being on a private Zoom call with Stu and I! Being able to ask him anything!!!!! My guess is there will only be about 15 of us on the call! 

If you're in click below.... 

What is tribe?

I may be biased, but i believe it is the best course you could ever take if you run or want to run a membership

TRIBE 2020 is completely rebuilt, refilmed, and loaded with the latest membership business research, insights, and strategies.

TRIBE is the gold standard course Stu McLaren and his team have created to help anyone create a highly profitable membership business.

Enrollment to TRIBE only happens once a year and the doors will close in a few days

Inside TRIBE, Stu will teach you how to build the perfect membership for your passion, hobby, and current market.

You’ll also learn from Stu how to…

  • Pick the RIGHT type of membership to ensure your business explodes with success with low stress.
  • Create and map out a fail-proof marketing strategy to ensure your message spreads like wildfire and reels in your ideal members.
  • Welcome loyal customers that pay month after month…and how to keep them happy so they buy for years to come.
  • Produce ULTRA engaging content to help your members stay focused, move forward, and achieve peak success.
  • Plus, Stu will show you how to leverage REAL examples of successful membership to help you launch and grow a membership site of your own.

 I'll leave the rest to Stu to tell you in his own words!


If I get your bonuses do I still get Stu's?

Absolutely, the bonuses I offer are on top of Stu's bonuses

When do I get all of your bonuses?

Bonus 1 - (fast action only) Our 1-2-1 call will be within 7 days of you signing up for TRIBE

Bonus 2 - The 4 Zoom calls will be throughout the course. All the calls will be at 6pm UK time (10AM PST, 1PM EST)  

Bonus 3 - Success Path - This half-day workshop will take place Wed May 13th @ 3pm-7pm UK time (7AM PST, 10PM EST)  

Bonus 4 - Surprise (TBC!)

Will the sessions be recorded?

They sure will! I have tried to create to have the calls at a time that suits most timezones but it is impossible to have a time that suits everyone so there will be recordings of all of the sessions for you to access whenever suits you.

How do I make sure I get your bonuses?

If you click any link on this page it will take you to the sign-up page for TRIBE and you will be tracked under my link.

Once you enrol, I will be able to see you have signed up under my link and I will send you a confirmation email. If you don't get an email from me within 24hrs of signing up then email

Need some help walking through the process: Contact Stu's Team directly at

How does TRIBE start?

Tribe begins Monday, 11th May, after the opening ceremony. The training is released in weekly modules.

Disclosure, if you enroll in Tribe via my link, I'll receive a commission. That's one reason why I devote so much time and energy into creating my special Tribe Bonus Experience.

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