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How to Validate Your Course Idea Before you Spend any Time or Money on it

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We all know creating a course is one of the best ways to scale your business and help serve more people with your unique gifts.

But, there is also so much that comes up emotionally, things that hold us back when we even think about putting a course (AKA bearing our soul) out into the world.

Things like…

Do people need my course?”

“Do I have knowledge people need?”

Who would pay me for a course”

“It needs to be perfect”

Putting a course out into the world is like giving birth ?(I can say that I have done it!) There is so much emotion attached to letting go of it and to the outcome.

So often people try and launch a course after weeks, sometimes months of creating the “perfect” course only for no-one to buy or only a handful.

I see so many people go through this process and then give up ?

They think creating a course is not for them and begin doubting if what they are doing is even the right thing for them “is this my life purpose?!?”

So I want to give you a few tips to ensure you don’t give up and you validate your offer ASAP so you know you are on the right track.

If this is you, you are not alone (don’t you hate when people say that ?

But in all seriousness….. please don’t give up. Please don’t think you can’t share your gift with the world in a scalable way.

Here’s the reality… it doesn’t matter what you start with. But what does matter is that you start.

How long have you been deliberating over launching your next course?

That’s time that could have been dedicated to generating income and growing your business.

Time that you could have been working with the people you serve in a more intimate way.

All of which would have helped you to improve the experience you provide… and therefore helping your clients get better, faster results.

If you’ve had an idea in your head that you have been putting off releasing into the world…


I want to share with you the 4 step process I use with my clients in the initial stages of a course idea to research and validate the ideal.

We flip all of those doubts on their head and take the emotion out of the situation and get into research mode.

The 4 step validation method

  • Ask
  • Analyse
  • Create
  • Validate

Let’s get into this….

Step 1 Ask

In this step reach out to people in facebook groups, add a question on you Instagram Stories, hop on a Facebook live and interact with your community and see what they are struggling, here is an example post I created recently.

Lots of interaction and engagement that’s what you are looking for. see what people are struggling with and how you can help.

Step 2 Analyse

Collate together the answers, hop on a call with some of the people who answered and delve deeper into the problem/roadblock or issue.

Then have a look at the research and think about what aspect of this gets you excited. Where could you help people get results?

Step 3 Create

This is where you create your offer, all of the moving parts come together. How will you get them from struggle to success? how much will you charge? how will it be delivered? How long will it be?

Step 4 Validate

The final step…..put your offer out into the world while you are still super passionate about it. The best way is to have a fb live, but a social media post is also great! Talk through the problem, your solution and what is involved.

If you’re anything like me I need to get things done while I’m still enthusiastic, If I let them stew I get bored!

For walkthrough videos and templates click here for the NEW mini-course “Create Your Next Offer in 24 Hours”

OR book in a 1-hour strategy session here to talk through your idea and get a plan in place to move forward.

I’m Rachael Owen.

Does the thought of marketing over whelm you? Does its feel really icky? Do you feel like you spend all your day trying to figure out what you should be doing?

It doesn’t need to be that way! You really can make an impact in the world doing work that feeds your soul whilst also making a 6 figure income.

The key is to focus on strategic marketing that converts! Dropping all of the stuff thats wasting your precious time and stepping into efficient business owner you desire to be.

By investing your time and money into the right marketing you can not only accelerate your growth but free up your time for those life-changing, world-changing projects you’ve longed to do.

With over 15 years marketing experience as a marketing strategist, I’ve worked with global brands including Red Bull, Disney, British Airways, Bacardi…. I now utilise the strategies these big players use to help entrepreneurs and influencers get big results.

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