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How and When to Outsource Your Marketing to Upscale Your Business

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Ok, so you’ve heard a lot about marketing gurus and virtual assistants, but what exactly are they, why do you need them and how do you go about finding a perfect match?

Why outsource your marketing?

  1. You get outside insight on your business
    Sometimes we all need a second set of eyes, I know I get so engrossed in my business that I can’t see a way through sometimes and all it takes is chatting the idea over with someone else to put together a clear roadmap.
  2. You are attuned to the latest industry updates
    Who has time to stay up to date on an industry that isn’t yours? I find if it isn’t your passion you aren’t likely to geek out on it all the time. I feel this way about finance! Some days I can get into a spreadsheet but most its not something I watch youtube videos about and yearn to learn more about.
  3. You get to focus on the core of your business
    Sharing the workload free’s up your time to focus on your core clients. You can give them the love they deserve knowing the rest of your business is in good hands. I am always shocked at how much more I get done when I lighten my load.
  4. No need to worry about PAYE, national insurance, health benefits, pensions
    As most of the people you will hire are freelancers or businesses in their own right, there is no need for you to worry about any additional costs.
  5. You’re working with people who’ve been there, done that
    Hiring someone who has done the job before means that they will likely have made mistakes, and learned from them, they will have learned what works through experience or by learning from an expert. And also what doesn’t work which will save you hours of trying and failing.

So just how do you go about hiring someone and who should you hire?

Job Sites (£5+ per hour)

Cheapest isn’t always the best but if you have a limited budget and you want to dip your toe in the outsourcing water then using sites like:

What are these sites? Imagine you post an item for sale on eBay when you’re trying to sell an item and people place bids

You post your job requirements and people from all over the world will send you a proposal for the job. You can specify location, experience, specialties and review rating on most of the sites. You can look through feedback to see what experiences others have had with them.

It is a little bit like TK (T.J.) Maxx in that if you write a good proposal and sift through the responses throughly you may find a gem. But it is a bit hit and miss. I have had mixed results and I do often have to factor in the time to do it myself if it doesn’t work out. BUT you can get someone cheap, so if it doesn’t work out it’s not such a big hole in your wallet.

What you can use this option for: Transcribing, website development, minor edits to templates, social media scheduling

Independent Freelancers (£25+ per hour)

Independent freelancers are usually specialists in one area, the best way to find them is either through a website search or on social media. If you are looking for someone in your local area that you would like to meet in person then a local directory of google search will bring up a list of people to contact and shortlist.

If you are open to working with someone who works remotely there are a lot of groups who have weekly posts where you can post what you are wanting help with. This option means you can chat with the freelancer and get to know their style before commenting. Often they will offer an initial call with you to help you decide on the best way to work together and for them to let you know how else they could support you.

What you can use this option for: Graphic design, website page design, copywriting, technical. you can find someone for pretty much any task you need doing.

3rd Parties (£30+ per hour)

There are a few companies and/or groups of people on the internet who act as the intermediary and connect people wanting marketing services with service providers.

For example: The Facebook group Living The Laptop Life has a form you can fill in and it will send your job to a group of freelancers/virtual assistants who pay to receive the job details so they are somewhat filtered out.

Also, Charlotte Wibberley who I interviewed on my weekly show (watch the interview here) has a company called VIP VA and she matches up people looking to outsource with virtual assistants with the right skill set that she feels would be a match for their business.

What you can use this option for: Project management and specialist skills

The A La Carte (£1,000+ per hour)

Full-service marketing agencies are the all singing all dancing marketing guys! They take control of your project from start to finish utilising specialist skills and project management meaning you don’t need to lift a finger. These guys look after the biggest brands in the world and granted you probably won’t be able to afford the agencies listed below, but there will be smaller agencies local to you that could take on this role for less.

The top 3 marketing agencies in the world are:

  • WPP Group, London (I used to work for WPP )
  • Omnicom Group, New York City
  • Publicis Groupe, Paris

What you can use this option for: EVERYTHING, if you have the budget then give these guys free rein to work their magic.

I hope this has helped you see things a little clearer, please comment any questions below.

I’m Rachael Owen.

Does the thought of marketing over whelm you? Does its feel really icky? Do you feel like you spend all your day trying to figure out what you should be doing?

It doesn’t need to be that way! You really can make an impact in the world doing work that feeds your soul whilst also making a 6 figure income.

The key is to focus on strategic marketing that converts! Dropping all of the stuff thats wasting your precious time and stepping into efficient business owner you desire to be.

By investing your time and money into the right marketing you can not only accelerate your growth but free up your time for those life-changing, world-changing projects you’ve longed to do.

With over 15 years marketing experience as a marketing strategist, I’ve worked with global brands including Red Bull, Disney, British Airways, Bacardi…. I now utilise the strategies these big players use to help entrepreneurs and influencers get big results.

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